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Why Choose Fish Hoek?


They often say Fish Hoek is the land that time forgot and like Jurassic Park it is loaded with treasure that the locals enjoy and can share with visitors to.

Did you know there are over 50 accommodations in Fish Hoek and there is no better place to start finding your perfect stay than in the Billboard and Blue Book?

To find your perfect spot first know what you are looking for and what your budget will allow. Be realistic. You may well want that en-suite bathroom with a sea view but if your budget is R500 you are NOT going to get it. Do you simply want some quiet time with your partner, a place to rest after a workday? Is it a visiting relative, your annual vacation? Fish Hoek caters for all of these. We are blessed to be one of the safest places to stay without the hustle and bustle of our neighbours like Kalk Bay or Muizenberg and best of all accommodation in Fish Hoek can be a fraction of their prices. We have everything from quality budget priced rooms (www.leosden.co.za) to luxury self catering at Bayzicht and Calders Hotel for those with deeper pockets who desire a more traditional Hotel environment. Be aware that when you book you should be required to pay your deposit and if you don’t show then you will lose it. Why should a business lose out because you never followed through?

Once here you can enjoy a world rated Blue Flag beach, which is even half dog beach and half humans only. The wonderful restaurant enclave of The Galley and Beachcombers offers everything from ices to steaks. The crowds are less and there is room for everyone.

Fish Hoek is also home to ‘Beach Buggy Tours’ (www.beachbuggytours.co.za) the most unique way to be driven around our stunning coastline in a vintage buggy. Local tour guide Leonard Stalk runs tours of any kind (0739080612).

Eat Surf Yoga next to the Glencairn Hotel is the newest of the Surf Schools (surfafricaexperience.co.za) and has a wonderful vegan and vegetarian café.

In fact when it comes to food Fish Hoek has you well covered. An awarded Italian, two amazing Sushi restaurants, three Chinese, the best Indian this side of the ocean (Bhandaris), sleek coffee shops like Peak Coffee, C’est la Vie and Stag Coffee. Recently opened Star Garden whose chef relocated from Franschhoek offers a more up market experience.

Kids can go wild here, not just at the beach but try The Scratch Patch on the edge of Simonstown. Why not join one of the sporting clubs. We even have two water sports clubs ran by Olympic and National Champions. I could go on and on, Fish Hoek truly is the hidden gem of the peninsula.

With courtesy from Antony Hyde, Leo’s Den (072 9405 123)

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