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What to do after an accident


What to do after an accident: Being in a car accident is a very traumatic experience, and while you’re in a state of shock it is hard to remember what you should do.

Here’s a list of important points to remember – print it out and keep it in you car’s cubbyhole as a reminder.

  • If anybody is injured, don’t move the vehicles until the police arrive.
  • Always see a doctor afterward – you may have sustained injuries that will only manifest later.
  • Don’t admit guilt on the scene or offer to pay for the damage
  • Take note of the time, date and location of the incident, as well as contributing factors like the weather, visibility and road conditions.
  • Get the other driver’s name and surname, their contact number, their address, ID number as well as the name of their insurance company.
  • Write down the make and model and registration number of their vehicle.
  • If possible, take photos of the damage.
  • Provide the other party with your contact details and the name of your insurance company.
  • Get the names and contact numbers of any witnesses.


Source:  Auto & General Insurance

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