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Using your wheelie bin correctly


As we look around our beautiful country we all too often see plastic bottles, cans, glass bottles and cups, plastic, paper and a whole lot of other rubbish littering our streets, our parks, our neighbourhoods, our rivers and many other places in our environment.

No waste company can keep a town or city clean when residents litter and dump illegally or randomly. If residents join in in cleaning up their environment and then keep it clean, we win because we have a cleaner, safer and more hygienic city.


  • Place your sealed waste in the bin, not next to it
  • Do not overfill or overload the bin – the lid should close completely. If the lid can’t close properly, the bin lifting mechanism of the collection truck may be damaged or not be able to work properly.
  • Only refuse inside the bin will be removed.
  • Make sure your bin is out on the pavement only on the morning of your weekly collection day. The service starts as early as 06:00 in certain areas and is provided on public holidays.
  • Excess garden refuse or builders rubble, or refuse not suitable for bin removal, can be taken to a municipal refuse drop-off facility nearest to you for free disposal. The dump yard is next to the Kelpak Factory.
  • Reduce. Re-use. Recycle. Stop littering.


To make your bin lockable call Chantal 021 400 5576.

The locks have interior release mechanism. These are activated by steel pins as the bins are lifted by the collection truck. There is no need to leave the bin unlocked.

Residents should buy a lock as they do not come with the bin when the bin is changed to lockable.


Source credit: http://glencairn.co.za/tips-for-bin-use/


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