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Urban Caracal

Urban Caracal Project – How you can help


The Urban Caracal Project was launched in late 2014 to investigate the threats that urban development and habitat fragmentation pose to our native wildlands and wildlife, such as caracals (‘rooikat’, ‘lynx’).

The project is a platform to investigate how urbanisation impacts behaviour as well as genetic health, and to discover the threats to the survival of caracals in the Cape Peninsula.

No estimates currently exist for the Cape Town caracal population, and given these enigmatic animals are the apex predator of the city environs, it is essential we realise their value when it comes to keeping our natural system in balance.

To assist this exciting and unique project please report sightings of caracals, alive or roadkill, immediately to Dr. Laurel Serieys (caracal@capeleopard.org.za; SMS: 079-837-8814).

This project is a partnership between Cape Leopard Trust and University of Cape Town.

More information about the project, and to look at other ways to help please consult the Urban Caracal website (UrbanCaracal.org) or Facebook page (Facebook.com/UrbanCaracal).

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