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Truss Vision – Ensuring Roof Structures That Last


Think your roof is safe? … think again!

With 25 years of experience in the timber roofing industry, I have been involved in the inspection, certification & manufacturing of timber structures. During this period, I have been witness to a variety of cases of catastrophic & minor timber roof structure failures.

The conclusion that was made, after analysing all the failures, was that the majority of them should not have happened. The underlying common cause appears to have been the proliferation of bad roof erecting practice and a lack of inspections over a period of many years. This usually goes hand in hand with a lack of adequate training, but a more disturbing fact is that these structures were not properly inspected by a competent person who certified the completed work.

By law, the owner of the structure, as per Regulation A19 of the National Building Regulations, is responsible to appoint and retain a qualified competent person to accept responsibility for the design and inspection of the complete roof structure. By law, owners of “Public buildings” i.e. Commercial buildings like, schools, office buildings, hospitals etc. are respectfully reminded of their responsibility to have these structures inspected once a year. This requirement stems from the Construction Regulation Section 11.2 and forms part of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Act 85 of 1993).

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