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Top holiday safety tips


The holidays are a peaceful time with family & friends. Don’t let holes in your personal, in-home, and online security leave you vulnerable.

6 tips to protect your home during the holidays!

Holiday theft
Theft overall tends to rise in the months of November and December. Best thing to do is make sure you secure everything that you can. Lock up your cars, valuables and homes.

Leave lights on
Thieves usually don’t approach homes that appear to be occupied. Leave an outside light on at night (or set them with a timer) and when you leave the house during the day, leave on some lights inside the home to give the appearance that someone is home.

Package delivery
More and more people are purchasing gifts online and having them shipped to their home. With this trend, comes it’s own security risks to you and your property. Always be vigilant when accepting and signing for packages. Criminals can try and scope at your home posing as a delivery person or someone looking for charitable donations. Be cautious when talking to people you’re unfamiliar with and don’t let them into your home.

Cooking hazards
End-of-year functions and events are just around the corner. A roast chicken is delicious. A burnt home due to a cooking accident is not. Be sure to turn all appliances off when cooking is completed.

Social media
In today’s inter-connected age, it’s important to be very careful about what you share on social media, don’t have your location tagged to your posts.

If you’re travelling to visit family or going on a holiday, wait until after your trip to post about it on social media. Have a good friend or neighbour check on your house every couple of days to give you an update and clear your postbox.


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Holiday Shopping

The holidays are almost here and it’s time to enjoy good food, quality time with family and friends, and shopping for the best deals on the hottest products for yourself and loved ones. It is also the time of year to tighten up your personal, in-home, and online security. As the holidays create an influx of travelling and spending, thieves (and cyber-thieves), are just waiting on standby to find gaps in the security systems you have in place.

When you’re out shopping in stores this holiday season, whether for food, or gifts for loved ones, a good rule of thumb is to pay in cash. If at all possible, budget what you’re going to spend and then take out the cash. This will not only prevent you from overspending, but this will also reduce the chance of your credit card information being stolen and becoming another cyber attack victim.

These past couple of years have proven just how vulnerable some major retailers are when it comes to cyber security so instead of taking a chance of having your information stolen, just pay cash. If you’re doing your holiday shopping online, take a moment to make sure the websites are secure and trustworthy. Look to make sure the site is SSL encrypted, your anti-virus software is up to date, and your cookies and cache are cleared.


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