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Eric, John and Mali – The Stonemasons

Eric, John and Mali live in Masiphumelele and stone masonry is their craft. Cape Town with an abundance of sandstone is the perfect place to ply their trade. If there are no stones which have been excavated on site, they can supply the stones. Eric taught John who in turn taught Mali. The team can build a wall or steps which look like works of art with just a 4-pound hammer, a chisel and some cement.

They are master craftsmen and when you look at their work you see hand-cut stones fitting into each other like pieces of a jigsaw. They refer to the old style (lots of cement showing) and the modern way (dry walling).

Jonathan Morgan one of their customers referred to their work as “world class”. Morgan went on to say, “These guys know what they are doing but the problem is hardly anyone else does. This is where the excellent marketing services of Billboard Magazine come in. With distribution of the Billboard from Scarborough to Tokai they hope to generate demand and grow their business”.

Master Stone Mason
Contact Eric on 083 525 1136

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