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Revamp the Valley


Cape Town, South Africa – Revamp The Valley, a community group founded by Leigh Barrett, is launching their first projects this month.

REVAMP FISH HOEK began out of frustration at seeing the lovely historic town of Fish Hoek, on the shores of False Bay, continue to deteriorate. Previous efforts at improving the town have fallen far short of the needs of the community and Main Road has become a dismal place where visitors drive through between Kalk Bay and Simonstown, with no reason to stop and linger.

The larger retail chains have moved to Long Beach Mall, and there are fewer reasons to shop on Main Road for residents and visitors alike, resulting in a driving down of the economic opportunities of the Valley region.
“When I returned to South Africa in 2016, I knew I wanted to live in the southern Peninsula, and spent many hours exploring the towns here,” says group founder, Leigh Barrett. “But when I arrived in Main Road, I discovered a rather dismal, neglected town in the most beautiful location: nestling on the gorgeous False Bay beach, and between the recognizable outcroppings of Trappieskop and Elsie’s Peak. Fish Hoek has a fantastic history, with a fiercely proud and independent community, many of whose families have lived here for over 100 years. But the town needs a lot of loving care.”

Revamp The Valley’s goal is to restore the unique history of the town as a seaside village, a family-friendly place to live and visit, and to also create a unique identity that will stand alongside charming Kalk Bay and the exciting maritime town of Simonstown. Transforming Fish Hoek will result in the creation of a magnificent “South African Riviera” along the False Bay coast.


Revamp The Valley’s first project will be the start of the open/urban space transformation. Revamper Jenni worked with the City of Cape Town to identify a suitable location, and on May 27th will host a ‘Plant-A-Tree’ Day to begin a greening initiative at Steenbok Way, between 1st and 2nd Crescent. Jenni said, “Trees have so many benefits, including helping with the drought. If everyone in the community makes an effort to plant a tree monthly and to nurture their trees with grey water or borehole water till they can survive by themselves, then we can all contribute to changing our environment for the better and to help with saving our planet. We need to set an example for our future generations about the importance of trees. My mission is to plant one or more trees monthly for the rest of my life and I hope I can inspire others to do the same.”

This property will become a “Kidzone”, and installing playground equipment made from recycled materials is planned for the future.

Revamp the Valley


The long-term vision of Revamp The Valley is to transform Main Road in a way that both honours the history and represents the artisanal talents of the valley by creating a world first “drive through art gallery”, restoring and showcasing the lovely Art Deco architecture and adding sophisticated street murals to brighten up the currently dismal Main Road.

Revamp is requesting donations of paint and supplies which can be dropped off at The White Oak, 150 Main Road (closed Wednesdays). This is a chance to get rid of those pots that were used to paint one wall of the kitchen, and now stand cluttering up the garage. Financial donations and sponsorships are also being sought.


Any experienced mural artist is invited to visit the building at 150 Main Road and submit an illustration of what they would like to paint on either the front wall facing the circle, or the wall facing Kommetjie Road. Deadline for submissions is June 9, after which the community can vote on their favorite. The winning artist will then be supplied with whatever materials and assistance they need to transform the building. More details regarding the brief can be found by contacting Leigh Barrett directly.

Revamp the Valley


A “Get a ribbon, leave a scarf” community walk will be held on Saturday, June 3. Ribbons will be exchanged for a donation to the Revamp projects, and the walk will begin at the Fish Hoek Police Station at 10am, ending at the Aquatrails/White Oak building at the circle. All participants are asked to bring a warm accessory to be delivered to those in need. Organised by the Corbett Family at The White Oak, 150 Main Road.


Revamp The Valley will document the entire process of the transformation, and aims to produce a DVD and book for the town’s Centenary Celebrations in 2018.

For further information or interviews, please contact Leigh Barrett

Email: info@skambha-village.org             

Website: https://lbevents03.wixsite.com/valleyrevamp

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/RevampTheValley/

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