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Naval Exercise Red Lion Being Conducted In Simon’s Town


The Naval Fleet is currently partaking in its annual Force Preparation Exercise called RED LION which takes place until 29 July.   Whilst most activities will be conducted in False Bay, there will be exercises conducted at the shore units which may impact on the local residents of Simon’s Town.

Kindly take note of the following:

  • As part of the Local Guarding Exercise, all incoming and outgoing vehicles will be searched at all military exit and entry points on 14th and 15th July.  This may impact on traffic coming into Simon’s Town during the course of the two days.


  • A humanitarian disaster relief scenario will be simulated within the perimeters of the West Yard in Simon’s Town on 18th July.  Pedestrians/local business owners need not be alarmed as loud noises will emanate from this area – loud bangs, blank R5 blank firings, mock riots and small controlled fires.


We appreciate your support and understanding on this matter.   RED LION is an annual initiative that enables the SA Navy to test, train and improve maritime capabilities and readiness of the Fleet.

Participating vessels include the Valour Class frigates, SAS SPIOENKOP, SAS AMATOLA, Combat Support ship, SAS DRAKENSBERG, Offshore Patrol vessels, SAS UMHLOTI, SAS ISAAC DYOBHA and submarine, SAS MANTHATISI. Other vessels and units will participate in the alongside programme.

 – Public Notice regarding Exercise Red Lion in Simon’s Town area, supplied by Media Liaison Office, SA Navy.

More info: Sub Lieutenant Obed Medupe: media.liaison@sanavy.co.za

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