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Mach 1 Security – An Independent Installations Company


South Africa has a continuing problem with crime and having a functioning alarm system at home is absolutely critical.

Perimeter beams provide an early warning of intrusion to both the homeowner and their response company, and can also stop the criminal from advancing closer to the home.

CCTV systems add an extra layer to your security measures, deterring criminal interest and assisting with detection. Advanced CCTV technology has done away with black and white night imagery to provide rich colourful images at night. CCTV cameras are now also able to send motion alerts to both you and your response company, empowering both to take necessary action.

Mach 1 Security is proud to offer quality installations of both alarm and CCTV systems. The company was founded in 2006 by Manu Choudree (pictured), a security professional with a background in the Military Police and private security sector prior to the establishment of his company. He is very proud of his technicians, who are seniors in their field and are well known to the many Far South residents they have served over the years.

As an independent installations company, Mach 1 Security will link you up to the response company of your choice.

For more information, please phone 021 782 2661, or
email security@mach1.co.za.

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