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Kommetjie Road Project making headway


The City of Cape Town has made good progress with the Kommetjie Road Project, one of our flagship interventions to relieve congestion in the Kommetjie area in the Far South. Apart from the ongoing improvements to the road infrastructure, local residents have also benefitted from temporary work opportunities to the value of over R5,1 million since the start of the project to date.

‘Residents from Kommetjie and Noordhoek would’ve noticed that we’ve started placing the asphalt layers on the newly constructed lanes along Kommetjie Road and Ou Kaapse Weg last week. This marks an important milestone as the groundwork from the past 24 months or so is finally becoming visible, and hopefully this also gives the locals some satisfaction for enduring the inconvenience that goes with roadworks in general,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Transport and Urban Development, Alderman Felicity Purchase. 

The Kommetjie Road Project is part of the City’s Congestion Management Programme and is due for completion by the end of 2019, pending any unforeseen challenges. The budget for this project is R194 million and approximately R100 million has been spent to date.

‘Apart from the improvements to the road infrastructure and the congestion relief this project will bring, one of the current and most important benefits is the temporary jobs that have been provided to local residents as part of the contract. Up to 45 local residents are currently employed as temporary workers on this project. In fact, since this project started in October 2016 to date, more than R5,1 million has been paid to men and women from the area who have been employed as temporary workers.

Local subcontractors have also benefitted – to date over R2,1 million has been spent on the procurement of goods and services from local businesses. One can never overemphasise the boost that comes with R7,2 million. Not only is this an injection to the local economy, it also empowers residents with jobs, and with jobs comes dignity,’ said Alderman Purchase.

About 4 000 tons of asphalt will be placed by the start of the builders’ holiday on 14 December 2018. 

‘Motorists won’t be allowed to use the new lanes as yet. These will be barricaded during the festive season and the contractor will do regular inspections to ensure compliance. The traffic will be shifted to the new lanes only once we’re ready to start with the rehabilitation of the existing lanes a few months into 2019,’ said Alderman Purchase. 

All-in-all the Kommetjie Road Project entails roadworks covering a distance of approximately 3,5 km:

  • the upgrade of Kommetjie Road (M65) to a four-lane dual-carriageway between Capri Drive and Corsair Way, and the rehabilitation of the existing roadway
  • the upgrade of Ou Kaapse Weg (M6) to a four-lane dual-carriageway between Noordhoek Main Road and Kommetjie Road, and the rehabilitation of the existing roadway
  • the upgrade of the intersection at Ou Kaapse Weg and Silvermine Road to improve the sight distance for road users
  • the upgrade of the four signalised intersections with additional turning lanes to improve the capacity and flow of traffic at Kommetjie Road and Capri Drive; Kommetjie Road and Ou Kaapse Weg; Ou Kaapse Weg and Buller Louw Boulevard; and at Ou Kaapse Weg and Noordhoek Main Road

The preparations for the rehabilitation of the existing lanes will commence once the contractor returns from the builders’ holiday.

‘Part of the project is to create walkways for pedestrians along Kommetjie Road and Ou Kaapse Weg as many residents from this area can’t afford public transport, and walk to their destinations. The new roads will also have shoulders that are wide enough for cyclists,’ said Alderman Purchase. 

Issued by: Media Office, City of Cape Town

Media enquiries: Alderman Felicity Purchase, the City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee Member for Transport and Urban Development,

Tel: 021 400 7197 or Cell: 083 629 0829,

E-mail: felicity.purchase@capetown.gov.za (please always copy media.account@capetown.gov.za)


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Clifford Smith November 20, 2018 - 7:19 am

Good progress? For weeks at a time we have driven past this project to see not a soul at work. This project could have and should have been completed in 2-3 months if it had been approached systematically with decent planning as is seen in other countries.


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