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Know Your Worth Teens – Ocean View


Know Your Worth Teens – Ocean View

A campaign whose main aim is to fight period poverty, 1 hygiene pack at a time

Many teen girls do not have the necessities to attend school while having their period, which is  why this campaign started.

Know Your Worth Teens hands out hygiene packs, consisting of Roll-on, Soap, Facecloth, Toothpaste and Sanitary towels (unscented), to Teen girls at the local high school, and since the start of lockdown have also reached out to teen boys. With the increase of Covid 19 many parents and guardians are losing their jobs and cannot afford to buy food, let alone toiletries and stationery for their kids.

These items we are not given as a once off, we give them to our Teens on a monthly basis.

Besides the hygiene packs, they also run a soup kitchen from home and feed up to 100 people on a day.

Know Your Worth Teens Wish list:

  • Bigger gas stove, catering size utensils and a blender.
  • Laptop and printer, for our Teen mentoring programs
  • Hygiene items for both girls and boys

Backabuddy Campaign:  www.backabuddy.co.za/championproject/know-your-worth-teens

Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/558020424751565

Contact: Karen Bowers 084 099 1228

Use the Snapscan Code below to donate to this cause now!

Donate to the Know Your WorthTeens Backabuddy campaign now!

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