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KEY House training tips for puppies


Getting your pup to ‘go’ where you need them to can be a mammoth task, but we have some tips that may help!


  • This task can take several weeks. You should have realistic expectations. Mentally prepare for accidents/setbacks.


  • Provide constant supervision, especially at first. Leashing the dog to yourself is an excellent way to keep track of the times they need to go and to stop accidents as/before they happen.


  • A consistent eating routine helps their bodies regulate elimination times. Get to know when they need to go – every three hours, or even every hour.


  • If you have an accident happen indoors, don’t punish the behaviour, but do clean the area thoroughly with solution to remove smells and the temptation to ‘go’ in the same area.


  • Carpet feels soft under their paws and could encourage them to use that spot, so if you’re secluding them in a smaller area, bear this in mind.


  • Stick to a regular spot for their business outside. When they successfully do use it after you take them there, reward them with lots of affirmation, perhaps even a treat.


With courtesy from PETPLUS | www.petplus.co.za

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