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Illuminating Wildlife in the South Peninsula


Public Shows of Reflection: While driving some of the busiest roads in Cape Town, residents may notice illuminated outlines of the city’s elusive wild cats… our resident caracal.

These reflective works are part of an art installation and memorial for Cape Town caracals that have been hit by cars. Set up in caracal road-crossing hotspots, the works literally “highlight” the principal cause of death for these charismatic animals – being hit by vehicles.

Caracals are now the largest remaining indigenous carnivore on the Cape Peninsula and play important roles as apex predators and umbrella species.

Because caracals need large, wild spaces and access to prey resources, conserving them also conserves many other species. Caracals are incredible not only because they are strikingly beautiful wild cats (those ears!) but because they are so resilient and adaptable in the face of all kinds of challenges, especially those in an urban environment.

The hope is that when drivers see these magical glowing caracals, they will not only slow down and keep the roads safer but also appreciate how fortunate we are to live in an area where we coexist with such incredible wildlife.

Follow @public.shows.of.reflection and @urbancaracalproject on social media and keep an eye out for the stories of individual caracals in each location.

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