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Healthy, road trip friendly snacks with Earthshine


Need some healthy road trip snacks? Or just some on the go snacks?

Whether it’s holiday, driving to sports practice or a day of running errands, here are some travel snacks you’ll love! Finding healthy snacks at the garage, grocery store, and fast-food outlets along your route is often challenging and no, a garage pie is not healthy.

Look no further than Earthshine easy living foods and products for a quick and easy solution.

Botanical Bacon Vegan Snack

A perfectly satisfying, crunchy umami flavoured snack. with a hint of natural hickory smoke. There’s the traditional Original Smoky, Maple Syrup or the more edgy, Cayenne Pepper. With added Kelp and Ormus Minerals this is the ultimate snacking sensation.

Vegan Droëwors & Vegan Veggie Biltong

These two products capture traditional and much loved South African flavours but delivered in a healthy new way! Inspired to show everyone how easy it is to choose meat free options. Convenient snack size, ideal for lunch boxes and padkos.

Cacao Cookies

Oh, just try it for yourself and see what you think! Exam food? Look no further. We’ve got you covered with this one!  Free from refined sugar, dairy, gluten and soy.

3 Flavour variants, 32g:

  • Almond & Soft Fig
  • Cashew & Cranberry
  • Macadamia & Date

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