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Healing Hands for Humans and Pets


Healing Hands – Tracy Mann

Tracy is a qualified Reiki Practitioner with eight years experience in private practice and twenty years experience within the field of mental health nursing, which complements and enhances my healing practice. She has studied Usui Reiki, energy healing, psychic development, mediumship and animal communication and uses all modalities within her practice.

Tracy has knowledge and experience in treating all types of mental health and anxiety-related problems, stress, trauma, behavioural and substance use problems.

Her clientele is eclectic and she provides Reiki healing treatments to both people, and animals inclusive of horses and domestic animals.

During a 90-minute Reiki healing treatment, Tracy will firstly work with the main seven chakra energy centers, and realign any detected imbalances. She will explore any blocked emotions that the client is holding onto – this is a deep process and can provide extreme relief and empowerment for the client, as it allows the blocked emotions to be brought to the surface and processed in a safe therapeutic space. The final stage of treatment is where a full-body Reiki healing will be provided, which is healing touch to the client through her hands.

Tracy’s overall focal point for each client is to restore empowerment, autonomy and optimal health wellness and recovery.

Tel: 061 846 1649 | Noordhoek
Email: tracy.mann2@btinternet.com

Billboard Business Directory Listing: Healing Hands


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