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Gardening tips for Spring


With the weather now starting to warm up we want to make sure our garden is prepped and ready for Spring.


Pruning trees and shrubs

If you haven’t yet pruned trees and shrubs, or cut back straggly growth, you need to do this before it warms up. Cold weather reduces the risk of infection by giving cuts time to heal.


Weed-free garden

Although it’s not possible to have a completely weed-free garden, taking the time to remove weeds as and when they appear can control the amount of weeds that pop up here and there.

Use a trowel or garden fork to loosen the soil around the weeds so that you can pull them out by the roots. If you leave the roots behind the weeds will just grow back.


Enrich the soil

Try to incorporate leaf-fall into garden beds. It not only cuts down on the amount of work that you have to do, but also enriches the soil with nutrients. If you have been clever enough to establish a compost heap, now is the time to check if it’s ready to be added to borders and beds.


Divide and multiply

Start to divide Agapanthus, Tulbachia and replant around your garden, make sure you split plants in the cooler months only ready for Spring.


Lawn maintenance

Lawns I believe are a thing of the past, unfortunately. I have just visited England and was horrified to see how many lawns have died due to the drought there. It saddens me to say that with water being so scarce we need to rethink our lawns.

For those who still have to worry about lawn maintenance, it’s time to rake the lawn to remove dead growth and winter debris. Scarifying or raking the grass helps bring light and air to the soil level, and encourages lush, green growth.

Any bare patches in the lawn can be re-seeded by loosening the soil.

Keep the grass well-watered until seeds germinate and the new grass establishes.


Colourful Spring plants to plant

Violas and their cousins the pansy always look stunning in borders and in window boxes. Clivias and lily’s are a winner in the spring, they will start to flower and make a shady area look so much brighter.

My favourite are the Gazanias, arctotis and osteospermum, which thrive in the warm spring weather. If yours is a windy garden, low-growing plants are the answer. The spring-flowering ice plants or vygies (lampranthus, drosanthemum), with their glistening pink and purple, orange and red flowers, are eye-catching planted on sunny slopes, in hot pavement gardens or in rockeries. Great for the bees as well.

Spring without a doubt is the best time of year for flowers to look at their best, there are so many plants on my list to plant but I would be here all day. Please please remember that the birds are nesting now so perhaps leave them out water and seeds, how about some fluff in seed hangers for them to make their nests.

Let’s look after our nature and it will in return give us so much visual and sensory pleasure.


With courtesy from Village Gardens | Tracey: 071 686 0472   |   www.villagegardens.co.za

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