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Gardening: Tasks for golden autumn days


Garden Editorial published in the June 2016 edition of The Billboard:

WATER roses twice a week and spray against fungal infection. Plant new roses to allow them time to settle in before winter. Eco-Chic roses are resistant to black spot and mildew. Shrub rose “Rose de Cap” grows to shoulder height, has orange-tented blooms and has been bred for Cape gardens.

Fallen leaves are a wonderful gift to gardeners. Spread as mulch around shrubs where they will eventually decompose and enrich the soil. Give an autumn dressing of a general fertiliser such as 2:3:2 to established shrubs.

Autumn is the best time to plant trees and shrubs. Give each plant the best chance to develop a strong root system by digging a large hole and adding plenty of compost and a handful of superphosphate and 2:3:2. If soil is dry, pour a bucket of water into the hole before planting.

Trees that have good autumn colour include bush willow (Combretum erythrophyllum), acer, Iiquidamber, pin oak, flowering cherry, swamp cypress (Taxodium distichum), cornus, tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipifera) and Pride-of-India.

Keep seedlings and succulents clear of fallen leaves. Clean under hedges and pull off withered leaves of cannas, iris, day lilies, red-hot-pokers and agapanthus, as these provide snug places for snails to over-winter.

Text supplied by Kay Montgomery

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