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For Safety’s Sake – Working Together


Muizenberg has earned the reputation in Cape Town that it is a community that collaborates on various issues.

Of course, like in any South African suburb, and particularly in the core Muizenberg village, there are people with a wide range of viewpoints, preferences and backgrounds. And there are the usual local challenges and conflicts. Yet mutual support has become a strong feature of the work done to help make the area safer. So much so that in May 2019 Muizenberg was named as South Africa’s most effective SAPS station of its size.

Working together to promote safety has become a way of life for various individuals and organisations. SAPS and the three relevant arms of Cape Town City – Law Enforcement, Metro and Traffic – are supported by active volunteers like Muizenberg Community Watch (MCW) and Marine Estate Neighbourhood Watch, auxiliary Law Enforcement officers, Muizenberg Lakeside Residents’ Association, Friends of Muizenberg Park, the Community Police Forum and Muizenberg Improvement District (MID).

Safer Together is an NPO that was started 11 years ago to promote exactly this collaboration.
Co-founder Truida Prekel says, “Just as crime is territorial, so efforts to fight crime can also be territorial. Because the problem is so big, everyone wants to be ‘the local hero’ who solved it all. Too often stakeholders and participants tend to criticise the efforts of others – instead of saying ‘How can I help?’ So we promote collaboration, and sometimes facilitate workshops with diverse stakeholders to find creative solutions for shared problems.” Safer Together also raises funds for different community projects.


People of all ages come from over the Peninsula for the Moonlight Meander – held on the Saturday closest to full moon. The next ones will be on Saturday 12 Oct & 9 Nov, meeting at 6pm at Surfers’ Corner.








Top Image Caption: Henrik Daugbjerg MCW chair, Truida Prekel of Safer Together & Liz Meyer, chair of Marine Estate NHWatch at a Muizenberg Moonlight Meander

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