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Dr Wendy Staak – a Healthy Lifestyle


I have always had a passion for a healthy lifestyle. I firmly believe that a healthy diet, regular exercise, sufficient sleep, regular elimination and a stable emotional life goes a long way towards helping us stay well, healthy and disease free.

After a number of years in the teaching profession I completed 7 years full-time study in Complementary Health Sciences (specialising in Unani Tibb and Phytotherapy) at the University of the Western Cape.

I worked at a clinic in Athlone and Langa before opening my practice in Constantia in 2010, later moving to Marina Da Gama.

I have also lectured in the field of Herbal Medicine and have supervised the clinic at the university.

I am able to treat a wide range of diseases and conditions, whether acute or chronic.

Treatment is holistic and consists of lifestyle advice, treatment with herbal teas, tinctures, capsules and assessing and treating mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

Therapies include dry and wet cupping and heat therapy which involves the use of an infrared sauna which aids detoxification and has many other health benefits.

Dr Wendy Staak

Contact me at 082 402 2404 or


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