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Home Property DIY: Winterising your pool

DIY: Winterising your pool


Pool Editorial published in the June 2016 edition of The Billboard:

With winter fast approaching, it is now time to winterise your swimming pool. Try and follow these 10 easy steps to help you save money with a problem free pool.

1. Backwash your filter, check and adjust the pH and alkalinity then shock treat the pool with a non stabilised chlorine. Add either a black or a green algaecide to the pool and run the pump for at least 6 hours to filter through. Remember rain carries algae spores.

2. If you are not going to be swimming during the colder months, roll up or fold away your solar blanket to allow your pool water to breathe. Remember they are not pool ‘covers’. If you are using a pool cover, rather remove the automatic pool cleaner as after a period of time the chemicals can destroy the plastics of the unit.

3. Reduce the running time of your pool pump to not less than 2 hours per day as the water still has to be filtered twice during a 24 hour period.

4. Backwash the filter once per month. If the pool gets too full from the rain, take out water using the WASTE position on the valve.

5. If you are not using a pool cover, always remove as much debris as you can as often as you can, to prevent any staining

6. Keep a check on the baskets in the weir and the pump, as the weir basket can get full quickly then burst if not cleaned, this can result in a blocked suction line

7. Rain water can affect the chemical balance so keep a check on the pH , chlorine and stabiliser. Rain water will dilute the salt content of the water so if you have a chlorinator, check the salt content after heavy rain and top up accordingly, so as not to damage the electrode.

8. If there is an abnormal build up of dirt in the pool, it will need a manual vacuum to waste so as not to go through the filter.

9. It is always best to do a manual check of the filter sand during winter so that there should be no problems come summer

10. Remember pool water is a living body and will need to be maintained…. not forgotten!

Text supplied by Dave and Leian Eggleton


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