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De-clutter and Downsize?


De-clutter and Downsize? What is this new trend?

Lots of people are now talking about ‘Downsizing and De-cluttering’ but it can be a confusing thing.

In its pure sense de-cluttering means to re-design your space by getting rid of, not by accumulating. So in many ways its the opposite of interior design which is really getting new things to create a new space. De-cluttering creates a new space by using what you have or by using the’ value’ of what you have to create a new space.

For example I moved a client from her large 3 bed house into a secure one bedroom in a complex and nothing she owned would fit the dimensions of her new home. So we went through every item with her, sold off what had served its time and bought all her new furniture with the money earned. Not only did she have a new home for this new stage in her life, but she enjoyed several thousand rand left over in cash as well.

De-cluttering, if done right, generates a new space without you having to pay for it.

Of course no two clients needs are the same so its important that whoever you choose to work with, you meet them first, talk about your goals so everyone is on the same page.

Getting rid of items that have served their time (your old stuff) releases all that energy back to you, its not all just about the money.

But I just want to sell my old stuff!

That’s fine too. People who de-clutter will have a knowledge of ‘stuff’ and will see ‘treasure’ where you will not. They will have a network of dealers, stores, markets & outlets where they can get the best price for your best items. Of course they can also just offer you a cash bulk buy for everything if that is what you want. I love doing that, I clear your space, remove it all and you can move on but the service of a good de-clutter can offer you so much more than that.

The Peninsula has a large population of elderly people who have decided to release the big family home and find a space more manageable for themselves at this new stage of life. That process takes a lot of energy, organization and creates so much stress. That stress is taken away by a good de-cluttering person. We are with you through the whole process.

So what does it cost?

That’s always the magic question and each de-clutter person works in a different way. I mostly take a percentage of what I earn from selling your items and you actually profit from the deal. Other times, if there is a lot of sorting, trips to the dump, moving items and so forth then a daily fee can be charged. This was the case when I de-cluttered a monastery in Kommetjie. 27 rooms and three store rooms that had not been cleared in over 100 years. You would be surprised that a whole day of de-clutter would cost you less than hiring a guy for one bakkie load to the dump.

A job like a deceased estate or the house clearance of a past loved one could be a mix of the two. There is enough pain in losing someone close without the pain of then having to sift through all their items. Let a person who knows what they are doing take that task away from you. Now you might think its best to ‘donate it to charity’ and for sure at the end we do our fare share of that, but my business is full of the stories of treasure found at charity shops – which is why all dealers in town visit them every week. That ‘treasure’ was an item you donated that you knew no value of, it is then bought by a dealer for next to nothing who sells it for thousands. What’s the sense in that? The charity never got that money so I always go through all items myself and for sure we donate, but for items that are of use to others and of no value to you.

Here in Cape Town we have a huge range of people and income levels and someone will be able to use your items. I very rarely end up taking it to the dump. Used clothes, bedding, kitchen items broken furniture, everything can be of value to the right person.

I started ‘De-clutter and Downsize’ in Fish Hoek just over a year ago and it has been amazing to help people either just ‘get rid’ , de-stress or start their next stage of life. I can be contacted on 072-940-5123.

Antony Hyde

Billboard Business Directory Listing: De-clutter & Downsize

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