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Conscious Orange – Eco-friendly Cleaning Products


Conscious Orange sells superb eco-friendly and biodegradable household cleaning products.

The product range has phenomenal cleaning abilities for all aspects of home cleaning. They are also safe for use in septic tanks, grey water systems and soak-away drains. They are affordable and available in bulk.

I started my home business six years ago with a small budget and a little bit of stock. Happy customers and excellent products have ensured much repeat business. Today I have a shop at The Village Place in Kommetjie and have a refilling station for you to refill your original containers. I offer a delivery service throughout the Southern Suburbs.

I also have a remarkable range of eco-friendly pool products that are easy to use, they replace chlorine and salt making the water silky and odourless. The products are safe for birds, creatures and pets to drink and can be backwashed onto your garden with no ill effects.

My bestsellers are:

Honeydish Dishwashing liquid for R38 per 750ml or R217 for a 5 ltr;

Orange Oil Multipurpose cleaner concentrate for R65 for 1 ltr or R285 for 5 ltr;

Nu Flush Toilet Cleaner at R65 for 750ml or R245 for 5 ltr.


Email: deborahjeanbaker@gmail.com | Cell: 084 7515 626


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