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Christmas is closer than ever, this is how to support SA while spoiling loved ones


It is time to start thinking gifts for Christmas but this year, why not ditch the usual and support a local small business instead?

Yes, it is time to really start planning for the festive season and this means it is time to start purchasing gifts or making them so there is no last-minute stress.

A concept is being spread online and we are all for getting behind it! The concept is this: instead of buying your gifts from massive corporations that have insurance protecting their profits, purchase gifts and vouchers from small, local businesses that have struggled to survive through the pandemic.

Want to spoil mom? Buy her a beauty salon voucher from the lady in her area. Need to surprise dad? That artisan brewer or biltong guy is a great bet! Got a bunch of kids that love playing with toys? The ladies that knit teddies or the guys crafting metal cars are the ones to go to!

There are thousands of small-scale businesses in South Africa that thrive on local support and will really need it leading up to the festive season.

We need to support each other and what better way to do it than to shop local and lekker! The best way to find those little gems in your area is to ask. Why not create a post on Facebook or your community group, to find all the crafters, bakers, and side-hustle money-makers in your area.

Let’s make 2020 the year we go loco for local! Feeling stuck on ideas for gifts? We find that useful items generally bring the most joy! Take a look at some of our ideas below, we are 1000% sure you will find someone who makes the items we suggest.

  • Handmade toys
  • Bespoke clothing items
  • Craft foods like sauces, spices, baked goods
  • Customised knitted blankets (there is a granny in every suburb looking to subsidise her pension!)
  • Plants from your local farm nursery
  • Vouchers for services like the hairdresser, the local spa, the nail salon; you think of a pamper sesh and it can happen!
  • A fun local tour for the family
  • A family shoot with a local photographer
  • Handmade cards and wrapping paper
  • A dinner/lunch/breakfast to your favourite little local

What are some of the ideas you have for Christmas gifts this year? Let us know!

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