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Dawid Mocke

Billboard Q & A with Dawid Mocke


Dawid and Nikki Mocke are world champion paddlers from Fish Hoek. Their sporting careers started on the beach and in the surf as “Nipper” lifesavers, and progressed until representing South Africa in Surf Lifesaving.

The Mocke’s are not only athletes, they are also mentors. In 2002 they started the Surfski School to educate & share the adventure of ocean paddling with anyone that wanted to learn.

Billboard asked Dawid a couple of Questions in order for our readers to get to know him better:

1  Where were you born, grow up and go to school?

Born in Cape Town and after a brief stint in Durban returned to beautiful Fish Hoek from age 8. I’ve been here ever since & every time I travel abroad (which is lots) it gets harder to even imagine leaving, ever. I went to Paul Greyling Laerskool & Zwaanswyk High School and then did an Honours degree at Universiteit van Stellenbosch.

The Mocke’s are one big happy family and there is always something going on. We are also not your typical nuclear family with many adopted brothers & sisters who have become part of our family. My parents were happily married right up until my dad’s passing a few years ago and set an amazing example for us.

2  What were your biggest sports successes -where, when, in what category?

4 x World Surfski Series champion 2009-2012;

30 International Race Victories,

5 x South African Surfski Champion,

South African Surf lifesaving Team 1999, 2003 and 2004,

South African Flatwater Sprint Team 2005, 2006.

3  What other successes have you had besides paddling competitions?

The definition of success is usually being first, the best or having the most.  I like to define success not as being first but putting first things first, starting with relationships.

4  What do you consider a Blessing in your life?

I am blessed with a wonderful family; my wife and children, and also a wonderful community church family.  I am blessed to be able to live & work in a beautiful place like Fish Hoek and actively follow & pursue the things I am passionate about.

5  What is your message to kids who want to become surfski champions?

Make sure first that you can swim well.  Then, become a lifeguard and do voluntary lifeguarding duties for at least 10 years.  During this time you will learn about paddling on the ocean, be introduced to the paddling world & learn to train hard & be committed.

6  How do you keep yourself fit and healthy? What foods do you prefer?

I exercise as much as possible.  Running has been a great cross exercise and I love to get onto trails.  No particular foods.

7  Are you spiritual, has faith had anything to do with your success?

Whether you like to admit it or not, we all know that we are all spiritual. There are 4 existential questions that every human must answer to make sense of their world:  How did I get here; what am I here for; how do I know right from wrong; and what happens when I die? Most belief systems cannot answer them all, let alone in non-contradictory ways.  Only in the person of Jesus do we find consistent answers that will bring us to a choice to believe it or not.  My faith in Jesus has been a central pillar of my “success” in this world.

8  Do you give talks? If yes, how can you be contacted?

Yes I do.  I can be contacted via dawid@mockepaddling.com

Thank you! 


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