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Big ideas for small gardens


If you have a garden that is fairly small, don’t despair! With some careful planning and the right sort of plants your garden can be made to look much larger, and become a gorgeous space to enjoy.

First, of course, consider the layout. Do you want a path between borders, to access a seating area? A winding path is much more interesting than straight, as it lets you meander through the borders and appreciate the plants. It also helps to give the appearance of a larger garden.

Remove the lower branches of any existing deciduous trees or shrubs to allow for planting daffodil and crocus bulbs, for flowers in Spring.

Strategically placed mirrors look amazing and increase the illusion of size as they reflect the plants around them, making the garden seem so much larger.

A lot of small containers on the patio can tend to look a bit cluttered. However, a few larger pots, preferably in similar materials, terracotta or ceramic, will look stylish and more attractive. These can be planted up with colourful plants or vegetables.

A small tree, if you don’t already have any, will immediately give height and make any small garden seem larger. A Lemon tree, Birch or Pompom tree are ideal.

Think big when planting perennials! Verbena bonariensis, Wild Iris, Foxgloves, Verbascums, and Strelitzias will really make a bold statement. Honeysuckle, Clematis and Jasmine scrambling over arches, walls and trellis will also look stunning.

Plant varieties of flowers that encourage a lot of wildlife. Bees, butterflies and birds will really bring your garden to life. Try to plant seasonally so that you always have colour in the borders. Evergreens look good all year round! Your garden may be small, but it can be simply stunning!

Genius small garden ideas

Divide up your space

Even if you just plant a lemon tree or add a border to your lawn, breaking up the line of vision will immediately make the garden seem larger to the eye.

Use blue plants at the far edges of your garden

They’ll recede into the distance, similar to looking out to the horizon. Try blue agapanthus or lavender. Genius!

Change the levels

It’s amazing how much bigger it will seem. If you could walk out onto a patio, then up a few steps past a border to a lawn, you’re getting three gardens in one.

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