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Best home renovations to squeeze in before winter


Create a “wow!”-worthy home before snuggle-weather hits.

Let’s face it: You need something to do besides binge-watching the latest hot series on Netflix. So, get those DIY juices flowing by working on one or more of these home areas you can – and should – renovate during autumn.

Painting a room

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to instantly transform a room. Painting during the autumn months is ideal because of the lower moisture content in the air, making it easier to apply and faster to dry.

New wood flooring

Wood flooring has a two-fold benefit to it. There are some things that are fairly universal that most buyers respond better to, and hardwood floors are tops on that list. Installing them in autumn is ideal.

New front door

A new door may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to home remodeling, but it has a pay-off: Not only can a new door be more energy-efficient for you now, but it also provides appeal for potential buyers down the road. Having a nice front door, either new or freshly painted, sets the tone for your house, always a good investment.

Light fixtures

Winter messes with our mood, with early sunsets and a general lack of sunlight that can trigger seasonal affective disorder. Fight back by swapping out tired old light fixtures for bright, cheery ones that will improve illumination – and your spirits.


The first few months of the year are prime for replacing threadbare or ripped carpeting. Your home will feel cosier and stand up better to the rest of the rainy season.

Safety features

Kick off the season by evaluating and upgrading your home’s carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors. These should be tested monthly and replaced every five to seven years.

Update plumbing fixtures

Replacing your old plumbing fixtures adds an immediate visual appeal and functional benefit to your home, and autumn is a great time to do it. New plumbing fixtures use water more efficiently than older fixtures, so on top of the aesthetic improvement, this project will also help you save money and reduce your impact on the environment.

Get organised

When the weather keeps you indoors, take the opportunity to clear out clutter and organise. Commit to eliminating what you no longer use and develop a system to keep what’s remaining orderly. Declutter and Downsize can help you get rid of items.

Why autumn Is the Best Time to Invest in a Fireplace

The fireplace is a wonderful asset in any home, it not only warms the rooms in the house, but also creates a wonderful atmosphere. If you have long dreamed to have such an asset in your home, autumn is the best time to pick it and to add it – here is why:

  • The temperatures are just great for building and installation work – whether you plan to get a wood-burning fireplace or a gas-burning unit, the process is likely to involve building and installation work that is better done before the rains arrive;
  • The kids are at school – any interior work is easier and safer when the young ones are not there;
  • You can test the efficiency of the system – testing the heating capacity of the fireplace can be done only when the air in the room is cool, so it can be performed more efficiently in autumn than in summer, when the room is probably hot anyway;
  • The time when you start using your fireplace is probably still a month away, which gives you plenty of time to fix issues that come up in the meantime.

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